2020 NFL选秀

The story behind new Browns cornerback 贪婪 Williams' nickname

房地美(Freddie Kitchens)赢得了一场与最新克利夫兰·布朗(Cleveland Brown)有关的名字笑话的竞赛。

"贪婪 was giddy," Kitchens said of the cornerback's reaction to learning Cleveland selected him 46th overall Friday in the 2019 NFL 草案.

贪婪 Williams is a Cleveland Brown, which opens a whole can of questions about his future: How will he fit into the Browns' defense? Is he strictly an outside corner? Can he enjoy the same success of Denzel Ward, who was selected fourth overall in last year's draft?

最重要的是:他的安德拉兹·威廉姆斯(Andraez Williams)在哪里得到了他的绰号?

贪婪 Williams is a Cleveland Brown. Take a look at photos of the LSU cornerback, whom the Browns selected 46th overall Friday in the 2019 NFL 草案.

"I got the nickname 贪婪 from my aunt," Williams explained Friday night shortly after he was drafted. "I was six months (old) and I was chuggin' a lot of milk and she named me 贪婪 DeeDee, but they took the DeeDee off and I've been 贪婪 since."

威廉姆斯身高6英尺2,拥有罕见的,本能的掩护技巧,这使他成为大多数模拟选秀中的首轮秀。布朗的总经理约翰·多尔西(John Dorsey)周五表示,他很惊讶威廉姆斯(Williams)仍然在第46名上班。


该交易要求布朗队上调三轮选秀权,将第49号和144号选秀权交易给印第安纳波利斯以选择第46号。第144号选秀权是在2018年初将卡洛斯·海德(Carlos Hyde)跑回杰克逊维尔(Jacksonville)的交易中获得的。季节。

The trade up predictably sent tweeters to the keyboard to say Dorsey got greedy in selecting 贪婪. The puns are already flying. With a name like 贪婪 and an event in which maneuvering and bartering is prevalent, it's unavoidable.

Come Sunday, greed could be good. Greed could turn into interceptions. And 贪婪 could quickly become a favorite of Browns fans everywhere.